The WeddingDonkey Manifesto

I want to have my own wedding website builder!

The Donkey 2008

When Donkey was trying to set up a wedding website for his own wedding back in 2008, he came to the conclusion that he needed his own wedding website builder. Donkey just couldn’t find one that was really easy to use and he didn’t like the wedding templates he could choose from. They were way too boring or too traditional. So after a couple of years, the Donkey completed his mission and is proud to present WeddingDonkey - your Wedding Website, made easy.

This is the WeddingDonkey Manifesto which gives you some hint on what WeddingDonkey is (and isn’t).

  • WeddingDonkey is easy and intuitive to use (no one wants to read documentation)
  • only provides the features you need (less is more)
  • always instantly shows you how your page will look like
  • offers wedding templates that are cute, not too traditional, maybe even a bit funny
  • has friendly and prompt customer support
  • does not feature flash intros
  • does not have background music that automatically starts playing when a guest visits the website

and most importantly, WeddingDonkey should be fun to use!

Hope you like it, your WeddingDonkey