What to Put on Your Wedding Website

Wedding websites are a great way to compile important information about your wedding and share all the details with your guests. In the past couple of years it has become so easy and user friendly to create your personal wedding website. But what makes a great wedding website? This is a list of recommendations.

Share your excitement

One of the most important things about a wedding website is to share your own excitement about your big day.

  • Wedding Countdown Blog - Write about your preparations and decisions you take
  • About us - Describe your proposal or how you met, maybe a few words about yourself and why you are getting married
  • Guest Book - Include a guest book to allow guests to share their thoughts
  • Fun Stories - Tell some fun episodes of your relationship

Make your guests feel emotionally involved by sharing your excitement.

Information, information, information

Probably the most obvious reason to create a personal wedding website is to have a single source of information about your wedding.

  • When/Where/What - Include all the details of your wedding events. When and where does the reception take place? Where do people have to meet, etc.
  • Maps - You don’t want people getting lost and missing your big moment. Just include maps of all the important locations and give your guests infos on how to get there by car or public transport.
  • FAQ - Is there a dress code? What’s the theme of the wedding? Can you bring the kids? Adding a FAQ page is really helpful (if not a must). “Offbeat Bride” offers some good advice on what to put on your FAQ

Offer advice on what to do during the stay

Some of your guests might stay longer or you may have planned a destination wedding and the whole wedding party will spend a few days together.

  • Things to do - Give some suggestions on things to do during their stay
  • Must sees - Include some ideas on what places should be visited
  • Accommodation - Suggest some accommodation options

Registry Information

You do not want yet another crystal vase or photo frame, do you? Include your registry information on your wedding website.

  • Link to your external registries, if you have any
  • Set up your own online wedding gift registry. Already have everything? Then let your guests contribute to your honeymoon online.

Online RSVP

Save some money and a few trees by setting up an online RSVP page. Nowadays it’s totally accepted and popular to have an online RSVP page. Don’t forget to protect your page with a password to avoid wedding crashers :-)

Share the best moments of your wedding

After the wedding, upload your best photos to your wedding website or invite guests to share their photos.

  • Photo Albums - Organize your photos in different photo albums
  • Shared Wedding Timeline - Add a page where your guests can upload their best photos and create a shared timeline of your wedding.

If you are looking for an easy to use wedding website builder with cute and non traditional wedding templates, check out weddingdonkey.com or visit a sample page.